Ezi Accounting Version 2.1.33 has been released. This update is free to all customers who have purchased Version 2.1. An upgrade to Ezi Accounting Version 2.1 will need to be purchased by customers using Version 2.0 or older.
Customers are recommended to backup Ezi Accounting before downloading and installing Version 2.1.33.
Version 2.1.33 of Ezi Accounting includes several updates and fixes that have been recently included in Retail Man POS. Some of the changes are listed below.
  • Modified Stock inquiry Screen
  • Removed Stock Qty total field in Stock History Screen when user has no stock quantity access rights
  • Fixed bug with stock qty  when re-saving consignment-in and re-indexing with the stock reposting flag
  • Fixed bug in Daily cash reconciliation
  • Expanded multi currency digits to 7
  • Modified stock search screen
Please see the link below for more information on Ezi Accounting and the link for the new download.

Ezi Accounting Version 2.1.31