Ezi Solution Systems have have had reports from several customers recently that have been affected by Malware, a Virus or a Hardware Failure. These can be difficult to deal with at best, very bad news at worst. Please take some time to ensure that your systems are as safe as they can be. This will minimise the risk to your business.

Windows Security

  • Ensure that the latest Windows Security Updates are applied to each computer in your network.
  • Ensure that reputable Anti-Virus software is installed and updated on every computer on your network, and that there is a regular scan run automatically for viruses and malware of every disk.
  • Ensure that the Windows Fire Wall is enabled or there is a Fire Wall active for an Internet Security Package
  • Ensure that there is a password on each Windows account, and that the passwords are changed regularly.



  • Ensure that automatic virus scanning of E-mails is enabled.
  • Be very careful when opening any attachments to E-Mails. Try to ensure that the E-Mail is from a person or company that you would expect to receive an E-Mail from before opening an attachment.
  • Be very careful when clicking on links in E-Mails. If you hover the mouse over a link, you should be able to see the address of the link before you click on a link. If the link does not match the domain name of the sender it may be a fake.



  • Ensure that a regular backup is made of all the files that you need to run your business.
  • Store the backups away from the computers where the data resides. Cloud based solutions like Drop Box or iCloud are popular, but ensure that they are secure by using a complex password to access the Cloud.
  • Use a USB connected drive to Zip up key folders on your computers, and store the drive in a safe place away from your computers. Use more than one USB drive so that one drive will always be off site.
  • At the end of each day, create a backup Zip file when you exit from Retail Man, Ezi Solution POS or Ezi Accounting, and store the Zip file in a folder that has regular backups to Cloud or USB drive.
  • From time to time, test your backups to confirm that they contain the expected files, and that files can be restored.



  • Database and hardware issues can be created by a power down. An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is recommended for servers running Retail Man or Ezi Solution POS, especially in locations where the power supply is not reliable.
  • If a UPS is not feasible and the reliability of the power supply is poor, considering using a laptop instead of a server
  • Check the settings for Power Saving on the server, and ensure that there is no automatic shutdown due to lack of activity
  • Always shutdown applications before Windows is shutdown!
  • Mirrored disks are recommended on all servers. This will allow service to continue after a single disk has failed.
  • Cabled network connections are normally more reliable that Wi Fi connections.


Please contact Ezi Solution Systems if you need more information on any of the above subjects. An hour or two spent reviewing the setup of your systems could save days of downtime!