The article on the link below has some interesting views on why retailers should consider using Digital Signage to promote services and products.


Some key points of the article are listed below. Please contact Ezi Signage if you need further information about Digital Signage could be used for your business.

Digital signage is spreading like wildfire

The reason it’s so effective for business is due to its appeal. Papers and banners have a certain appeal, but digital signage can be versatile in ways they can’t — mainly due to their ability to display various content, and also to their capability for interactivity, which they can use to pull the user in.

Not only customers benefit

Digital signage is always effective and provides more benefits to you than you usually take into account.

Should traditional physical signage be ignored?

The choice between a screen and a static piece of paper is an easy one, but if that’s the case why hasn’t physical signage evaporated yet?

Digital signage is like taxes

Small businesses struggle to compete with larger companies and corporations, meanwhile digital signage provides an essential factor which can level the playing field.

Is your business fitting for digital signage?

You probably noticed that most examples of small businesses always include coffee shops, food services or others of the same kind. This doesn’t mean digital signage is limited to a certain type of business.

The customer experience

The most entertaining and appealing aspect of every business is the customer experience. Digital signage can transform in-store and storefront experiences.

Why shouldn’t you use digital signage?

A few years ago digital signage was really expensive and complicated. The situation is very different today. If you aren’t using digital signage, you’re lagging behind and letting potential customers walk past you.