Version 2.5 of Retail Man POS has been released as a Signed Download only. Version 2.5 is the first major update since March 2015. Existing customers will need to purchase a new licence key for Retail Man POS before Version 2.5 can used. The cost of upgrades start at USD80 for a 1-user system.


The main features that has been provided in Version 2.5 are generic Credit Card Processing via the Serial Port and a new library for sending reports in PDF or XML format. Integration with third party solutions for Credit Card Processing should now be much easier. The initial changes for Version 2.5 are listed below.

  • Added Generic Serial Port Credit Card Processing
  • Modified Stock Transfer in Multi-Location setup
  • Added ability to search for part numbers in Purchase screen
  • Added Clients and supplier’s notes
  • Added new library to enable user to email reports using PDF or XML format

Existing customers are recommended to back up Retail Man POS before downloading and installing the new software. All POS stations must be shutdown during the upgrade. Only restore from backup if there are major issues!

Please see the link below for more information about Retail Man POS with Inventory Control, Accounting and support for e-Commerce integration. Also for the link for the new download. Prices for new customers start at USD349 for a 1-user system.

Retail Man POS