Graham Morris

I founded the UK based part of Ezi Solution Systems in 2003, just over 18 years ago. The business has grown significantly, with thousands of installations of Retail Man POS and Ezi Accounting. The business has continued to grow year on year.

A big thank you to our Resellers and Systems Integrators, who have helped to sell and support systems for customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

A big thank you to our customers. Many customers have been using Retail Man POS or Ezi Accounting for more than 10 years. We have system in use in more than 80 countries worldwide.

A big thank you to Karolina, Sam and Sue who have helped to answer phone calls over a period of many years.

I have reluctantly decided that I can no longer run the UK based part of Ezi Solution Systems. I am not getting any younger, and I had some issues with my health in 2020. Despite this I have done my best to support customers, Resellers and Systems Integrators, until 7th October 2021.

I was hoping for a smooth transfer of the business, but this was not possible due to the unreasonable behaviour of a third party.

Our E-Commerce sites have been updated, so it is no longer possible to buy or rent licence keys for Retail Man POS or Ezi Accounting from us. Other businesses are able to sell licence keys. They should be able to provide support as well.

We will continue to do our best to support our customers, but ultimately this will need to be handled by a third party. We will continue to respond to support queries for as long as we can.

We wish every success to the thousands of businesses that are using Retail Man POS and Ezi Accounting. Some of the businesses are small, others are surprisingly large. There are supermarkets using Retail Man POS to support more than 25 POS stations. There are businesses using Ezi Accounting that have sales in millions of USD or equivalent.

I have got to know many people around the world who use or sell or support the software. I have not seen most people who I have been in regular contact. It has been a real pleasure to deal with so many people that are distributed around the world.

Very best regards, and please stay safe!

Graham Morris

Ezi Solution Systems