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Version 2.5 of Ezi Accounting has been released as a Signed Download only. Version 2.5 is the first major update of Ezi Accounting since April 2015. Existing customers will need to purchase a new licence key for Ezi Accounting before Version 2.5 can used. The cost of upgrades start at USD40 for a 1-user system.


The main features that has been provided in Version 2.5 are a new library for sending reports by E-Mail in PDF or XML format. The initial changes for Version 2.5 are listed below.

  • Added ability to search for part numbers in Purchase screen
  • Added Clients and supplier’s notes
  • Added new library to enable user to email reports using PDF or XML format
  • Added invoice re-print duplicate count to show on the invoice number such as 123/xx
  • Added default no of days in invoice/purchase list screens
  • Added invoice count in the invoice/purchase list screen
  • Changed stock transfer in/out screen for multi-location set up
  • Added automatic XML transactions export option


Existing customers are recommended to back up Ezi Accounting before downloading and installing the new software. All workstations must be shutdown during the upgrade. Only restore from backup if there are major issues!

Please see the link below for more information about Ezi Accounting with Inventory Control, and support for e-Commerce integration. Also for the link for the new download. Prices for new customers start at USD179 for a 1-user system.

Ezi Accounting



The world of accounting and POS software is changing rapidly. There are many packages, some are locally installed, others are Cloud based (Software As A Service). A monthly, quarterly or annual subscription can be the only way of using many packages, especially those that are Cloud based. How should customers decide which solution is best for them?


Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud Based software can work well when there is a reliable Internet connection. There is flexibility of access, so the business and the Book Keeper or Accountant can access the same system. Leading suppliers should provide a reliable, resilient and secure system, but can you be sure that this is the case? Saas will usually be fully supported, so there is less for the customer to support.

Security and privacy may be an issue. Passwords for access to Cloud based software should be changed regularly, with the details stored securely. Passwords should be changed when a person leaves the company. How can you be sure who is accessing your customer and financial data?

Backups are the responsibility of the Saas provider. A regular export of SaaS data to local disk is recommended. The data in the export should be verified to ensure that it is possible to import into Excel or a different accounting package.

At the end of a SaaS subscription the data and reports will disappear unless they are saved in advance! In the UK there is a requirement to keep financial records of companies for at least 7 years.


Locally Installed
Ezi Accounting, Retail Man POS and many other software packages are installed on a local computer or server. There is no need for an Internet connection apart from downloading updates and sending invoices or statements by E-Mail.

Security and privacy are the responsibility of the business owner, IT support or book keeper. Windows security is important, with the latest Windows updates applied, an active Firewall and Anti-virus protection with the latest updates.

Regular backups of the data are vital, with the data being stored away from the computer running the POS or Accounting Software. A backup at the end of every business day is recommended. Consider using Cloud based storage for backups.

A reliable connection is needed between POS hardware and the computer running the POS system. For this reason, use of Cloud based systems for POS is not normally practical or desirable. Within a store, use of Wi-fi for networking will be less reliable than cabling between POS stations and the server.

Physical security should also be considered. A server should be located in a locked room or in a locked cabinet.


Rent or Buy?
Ezi Solution Systems recently gave customer the choice to rent or buy software. Rental is proving popular, with options for 6 or 12 months. What is the best choice for your business? The difference in cost will depend on the pricing for the package. Please see the comparison below.

  • Ezi Accounting 1-user costs USD179 to buy, USD49 per year
  • Retail Man POS 1-user costs USD299 to buy, USD99 per year
  • Ezi Solution POS 1-user costs USD1499 to buy, USD299 per year

Rental has a low-cost up front and is flexible. The number of POS stations or workstations can increase or reduce as the business changes. The company name can be changed at the end of each rental period. Version upgrades are given at no cost at the start of each rental period. Reports will stop working at the end of the rental period.

Buying a permanent licence key will probably be cheaper in the long term, but this is for one company name. If your business changes name you will need to buy a new licence key. There will be a cost each time you decide to upgrade to the latest version of software.



Happy New Year!

Ezi Solution Systems & Signage wish all customers and suppliers a prosperous and healthy 2017! We look forward to working with you and supporting you.

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2016 has been another busy year for Ezi Solution Systems, with many new customers and new developments. We hope that this year has been good for your business as well. We hope that you can spare the time time to read our second newsletter.

Please contact Ezi Solution Systems if you need more information on any of the subjects.


Retail Man POS

Version 2.1.33 or Retail Man was released in October. This included more than 7 months worth of fixes and enhancements. The enhancements included changes to the Stock screen and changes to handling of multi-currency. Any customers who have purchased Version 2.1.x can upgrade to Version 2.1.33 at no cost. The cost of upgrading to Version 2.1.33 from Version 2.0 or older start at USD70 for 1-user Retail Man POS. Please visit for more details.

We are seeing more use of Retail Man POS in larger stores and stores with a large number of sales. There are limits on the capacity of Retail Man. Where there are more than 500 transactions per day, customers should consider upgrading to Ezi Solution POS. This has much higher capacity and has more resilience as there is a local database for each POS station.

Many customers prefer the flexibility of renting Retail Man POS. The initial cost of renting is lower, with prices starting at USD99 per year. Should your business change its name or stop trading, then the next rental period can be with the new name of the business. At the time of renewal of a rental, the price will include the cost of upgrading to the latest version of Retail Man POS. Support for an extra POS station can be added for USD40 per year.

Retail Man POS includes tools to integrate with web stores, including those Using OpenCart. If you are thinking about selling products on the Internet, then we suggest that you check to see if Retail Man POS will integrate with your chosen E-Commerce provider.


Ezi Accounting

Version 2.1.33 or Ezi Accounting was released in October. This included more than 13 months worth of fixes and enhancements. There are several changes to reports and reconciliations, as well as changes to the Stock screen. Any customers who have purchased Version 2.1.x can upgrade to Version 2.1.33 at no cost. The cost of upgrading to Version 2.1.33 from Version 2.0 or older start at USD40 for 1-user Ezi Accounting. Please visit for more details.

Many customers prefer the flexibility of renting Ezi Accounting. The initial cost of renting is lower, with prices starting at USD49 per year. Should your business change its name or stop trading, then the next rental period can be with the new name of the business. At the time of renewal of a rental, the price will include the cost of upgrading to the latest version of Ezi Accounting. Support for an extra workstation can be added for USD17 per year.

Ezi Accounting does not include support for POS. If your requirement changes then it is possible to upgrade from Ezi Accounting to Retail Man POS to add features for Point of Sale.

Ezi Accounting includes tools to integrate with web stores, including those Using OpenCart. If you are thinking about selling products on the Internet, then we suggest that you check to see if Ezi Accounting will integrate with your chosen E-Commerce provider.


Ezi Solution POS

Customers with a requirement for high volumes of transactions (more than 500 per day) or a requirement for high availability should consider use of Ezi Solution POS. There is a local database for each POS station, so operation will continue if the connection to the server is lost. Tools are included for integration of several stores. Prices of Ezi Solution POS start at USD1499 for a 1-user system. Major customers are already using Ezi Solution POS. They are benefiting from the power and resilience that is needed for larger stores. Please visit for more details.


Ezi Signage

Customers of Ezi Solution Systems are invited to evaluate the use of Digital Signage to promote their business. Why not use some wall space in your store or space in shop window to mount a large screen to display information to customers on products, services or special offers, together with items of general interest like news, weather and traffic information? Customers will be attracted to your store and my find out about products that they wish to find out more or buy. Digital Signage can also be used in schools, colleges, businesses and transport facilities to give information to staff, students and customers. High resolution images and media are needed as screens for Digital Signage tend to be large.

Ezi Signage supports use of Split Screens, Live TV, Video, Tickers, RSS, Web Sites, Images and Power Point to produce dynamic and effective Digital Signage. One Media Player is needed for each screen. Several screens can be managed by one installation of Campaign Manager. software. A free full functional demo for 30 days is available for all customers of Ezi Solution Systems, with no obligation to purchase. The schedule can be changed based on the time of day or day of the week to give variety and interest.

Ezi Signage is a partnership with a leading and and well established supplier of Digital Signage. Solutions can be Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) or based on local storage (Continuous Service). A Cloud based solution with local Media Players gives the most flexibility and reliability. Prices start at USD27.42 per month. Please visit for more details.


Customer Survey

A big thank you to all customers that completed our first Customer Survey, which was published in February. Your feedback will help Ezi Solution Systems to shape the development of the products and services. The feedback was generally very positive, and we are now aware of some areas where we need to improve.

For the technically minded, the Net Promoter Score from the survey was 34. There is room for improvement, but we have a better NPS than many much larger companies.


Social Media

Please follow Ezi Solution Systems on Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and WordPress for the latest updates. We recently reached 300 likes on Facebook,  250 followers on Twitter.

Kielder Connections are pleased to announce a partnership with a leading and well established supplier of Digital Signage solutions. No specialist hardware is needed apart from the display.

Ezi Signage can provide exciting solutions of Digital Signage for retail outlets, companies, educational establishments and transport facilities. Media Players run on Windows or Android.  Digital Signage is provided that is robust, reliable and scalable, with central monitoring control and security. Schedules can be defined for time of day and day of the week

Campaign Manager is installed on a computer running Windows to prepare media for display that includes standard formats, including video, Flash, images and live web sites.  Media formats include   interactive content, live TV and camera feeds. Ezi Signage provides Digital Signage that is easy to learn and implement, with manuals and support.

A demo evaluation can be purchased for a nominal US$1 that allows a full evaluation of the capabilities of Campaign Manager before buying a rental of 3, 6 or 12 months. Evaluation is free for existing customers of Ezi Solution Systems!

Please contact for more details!



Some customers are reporting network issues when making payments by 2CheckOut from or, they cannot connect to to make a payment.

If you experience issues connecting to 2CheckOut, please try using a different Web Browser on your computer, for example use Firefox or Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. We have seen reports of poor performance using Chrome on Windows 10 for some web sites. Alternatively, please try using a different computer to place the order. We hope that these suggestions help.

Prices in GBP on


The list price of Software and Support from Ezi Solution Systems is in US dollars. Base prices on are GB Pounds. Some customers prefer to buy in GB Pounds or a currency that is converted to GB Pounds. We review the pricing in GB Pounds from time to time, the pricing may then be updated. As a result of the vote in the UK referendum on membership of the European Union, the value of the GB Pound has fallen significantly. It will take several days to stabilise.

Prices on will be updated on 1st July. It is not yet clear what the new exchange rate will be, but prices may increase by as much as 8%. Customers  may like to take advantage of the current pricing.

Ezi Solution Systems are pleased to have received so many responses to our request for customers to complete our first Customer Survey for users of Retail Man POS and Ezi Accounting. There is still time for more responses, so please check your E-Mail to find the invitation to complete the survey!

Please see the summary below of the feedback received to date. Most of the feedback has been very good, which is encouraging. We are looking at ways to improve so that the results will improve  in years ahead.

  • 72% of responses have been users for more than 3 years
  • 85% of responses say the software is Extremely Easy or Very Easy to install
  • 79% of responses say that the software is Extremely User-friendly or Very User-friendly
  • 88% of responses say that the software is Excellent or Above Average value for money
  • 52% of responses say that the Support is Extremely Helpful or Very Helpful
  • We received a lot of useful suggestions on improvements. We are evaluating them to see which can be implemented soon.
  • The Net Promoter Score is 34, showing that customers are likely to recommend the software to a friend or colleague


All the best for 2016.

All the best for 2016.

Wishing our customers, resellers and staff a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Ezi Solution Systems will continue to enhance and support Ezi Accounting and Retail Man to build on the progress and success of recent years. We are attracting new customers every week and keeping most of our existing customers, a process that we wish to build on. Many customers have upgraded to Version 2.1 and added more workstations and POS stations. Please help to spread the word about our software.

We have a new product which we hope to launch in the next few months. Ezi Solution POS will be for stores with high volumes of transactions and/or larger number of POS stations which are not dependent on the availability of the server. More information is to follow.


The September 2015 Newsletter can be seen on the link below. The newsletter has been sent to all customers that have registered on and, and opted to receive the newsletter. We hope that this of interest,

Newsletter for Sep 2015

  • Version 2.1
  • Support for web stores
  • Backups and UPS
  • Windows 10
  • Gold Support
  • and

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