Ezi Solution Systems are pleased to have received so many responses to our request for customers to complete our first Customer Survey for users of Retail Man POS and Ezi Accounting. There is still time for more responses, so please check your E-Mail to find the invitation to complete the survey!

Please see the summary below of the feedback received to date. Most of the feedback has been very good, which is encouraging. We are looking at ways to improve so that the results will improve  in years ahead.

  • 72% of responses have been users for more than 3 years
  • 85% of responses say the software is Extremely Easy or Very Easy to install
  • 79% of responses say that the software is Extremely User-friendly or Very User-friendly
  • 88% of responses say that the software is Excellent or Above Average value for money
  • 52% of responses say that the Support is Extremely Helpful or Very Helpful
  • We received a lot of useful suggestions on improvements. We are evaluating them to see which can be implemented soon.
  • The Net Promoter Score is 34, showing that customers are likely to recommend the software to a friend or colleague