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Version 2.1.38 of Retail Man

Version 2.1.11 of Retail Man

Retail Man POS

Version 2.1.38 of Retail Man has been released. This update is free to all customers who have purchased Version 2.1.x. An upgrade to Version 2.1 will need to be purchased by customers using Version 2.0 or older, prices start at USD70.

Version 2.1.38 Retail Man includes several updates and fixes that have added in the past 3 months. Customers are recommended to backup Retail Man before downloading and installing the new software, and only restore from backup if there are major issues!

Please see the link below for more information on Retail Man POS and the link for the new download.






Much needed updates have been made to the Installation and Upgrade Manual for Retail Man. The manual should help new customers install and set up Retail Man POS, and existing customers to upgrade Retail Man. The manual can be viewed on the link below.

RMAN Installation and Upgrade Manual

Retail Man POS