We have just released Version 2.0.12 of Retail-Man Point of Sale (POS) software. This is available free to all customers that have purchased a licence key for Version 2.0 of Retail-Man.

There are several bugs fixed in Version 2.0.12 but the major change is that a new library is being used to generate reports and import data. Reports can now be saved as a PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML or MHTML file. This gives a lot more flexibility and the reports saved are easier to process.

Data can now be imported from spreadsheets created by newer versions of Excel. Previously only Excel 2.0 was support.

Please see the link below for download for Version 2.0.12 of Retail-man.


Customers who are using Version 1.90 of Retail-Man or older will need to purchase an upgrade to Version 2.0 before they can install the new version.

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